Halloween Riddle... and other random thoughts

Q: What's better than an Oreo fresh from the package?

A: An Oreo smothered in rich, chocolate frosting.

Ok, so it's not really a riddle. It's my breakfast disguised as a Halloween craft. After all, nothing says "breakfast" like chocolate on chocolate.

I found this adorable Oreo spider project on Little Window Shoppe via MomDot. Still with me? I knew I wanted to try it with Big One because, well, it involves Oreos and M&Ms. The sacrifices a Mama makes! Despite good intentions, I've been slacking lately in the "crap" (craft) department.

Big One always loves a fun project, especially if it involves food. Here is his cute little Oreo spider. (We modified the original activity by using tootsie rolls instead of Twizzlers as the legs.) Keep in mind this is the creation of a 3 year old!

It has a few misplaced legs, but it was still very cute. And yummy. Except Big One wouldn't eat it because of all of the gooey frosting on top (Hello! That's the best part!). He doesn't like messy hands. He freaks out. He's all boy except when it comes to messy hands. You know the smash cake on the first birthday that most kids attack? He gingerly picked at the frosting for 15 minutes. He was less than thrilled when I stuck his little hand right into the cake. Yet he'll find any muddle puddle in a 50 foot radius and jump right in the middle without hesitation.

Upon returning to the living room after cleaning up the mess, I was horrified to find my son engrossed in an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. That will teach me to leave the TV running. You may leave it with an innocent enough show playing but who knows what will be on the screen when you return?

In other news/randomness...

We are still having bathroom issues at our house. Big One has gone from a once-a-day pooper to a once-every-2-or-3 days pooper. I've resorted to Pedialax. It works because Big One has no choice but to go. That doesn't stop him from kicking and screaming in an attempt to hold it in. And sometimes pooping in his undies. If anyone has any suggestions on how to break this vicious cycle, I'm open! It feels like we've tried everything. He's just plain scared to poop.

Tonight we trick or treat. Do you have Beggar's Night where you live? I don't get it. What's the point of having Halloween if you're going to trick or treat the night before? What are we supposed to do tomorrow? You know, on the actual day of Halloween? I'm sure we'll think of something (sit on the couch and zone out in front of a movie) stimulating to do as a family.

October is almost over. What? That's right. October is almost over. Leaves are falling. A chill is in the air. Hubs has a new fall toy. His latest purchase at the home improvement store? A leaf vacuum. I don't know the technical name for it. Apparently, it's a leaf blower/vacuum. He walked around the yard last night sucking up leaves. It strikes me as funny. What happened to a good old-fashioned rake? I love you, Hubs! And I suppose if I were the one responsible for the removal of leaves, a leaf vacuum would be on my wish list.

My friend, Tara, is on my mind a lot today. She's dealing with a tough family situation. Without going into too much detail, there's a precious little baby boy who was born yesterday who is paying for some mistakes his mama made while pregnant. Tara is NOT the mama of this beautiful baby just for the record! But she is feeling the effects of the situation. Tara, I love you and you have the kindest heart of anyone I know. I wish I could be there in person to give you a big hug. (Move to Iowa!)

We have an update! The poop has landed! That makes it 2 days in a row (thanks, Pedialax!). There was major screaming and fighting but the poop always wins!

On that note, I leave you all with wishes for a happy and safe Halloween/Beggar's Night!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Our town trick or treated last weekend for "Fright Fest" but we're headed to the next nearest town tomorrow night. It's just not Halloween if you don't trick or treat!

Jessi said...

My mom was gifted a lawn vacuum a couple of years ago for Christmas, mainly because my dad wanted to make cleaning up the leaves much easier on him....who could blame him? It's just a funny thought...lawn vacuum. Hehe.

Hope you enjoyed your night out tonight. Did B score in the candy department? I grew up "doing" Halloween, but since marrying DH, we forgo the activities...except the carving of the pumpkin (which I just didn't have it in me to do this year--everything rots so fast down here).

Sarah said...

Have you ever tried deep fried oreos? They are amazing!