Too often I let the little things drag me down. The never ending pile of laundry. The way Big One laughs when I'm lecturing him for being naughty. (Oh how this makes me angry. I try. I really do. But don't laugh when you're in trouble! Mommy DOES NOT like that!) The dog barking during nap time. (Don't mess with nap time.)

It's time to count my blessings. There are many of them. I can't possibly list them all. Here are a few to ease myself into a happy slumber so that I can enjoy them again tomorrow...

Little One's beautiful pink cheeks. Perfect complexion. Silky smooth and oh-so-yummy. The enormous, gummy grin that spreads across her face so easily. So freely. Her perfectly formed fingers gently resting atop my breast as she nurses.

Big One's gorgeous brown eyes. The long eyelashes that kiss them. His laugh. Oh, his laugh. Quick with a smile. A wild imagination. A thirst for knowledge. The love and adoration he pours on his Sister. A kind heart. A warm hug. Enough kisses to go around.

Hubs' strong arms. The yang to my yin. A team. My love. Eight years.

A warm home. Full of love. Full of family. A healthy family. Laughter. Fun.

Chocolate, rich and smooth. Dinner as a family.

Able hands, feet, mind.


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AnastasiaSpeaks said...

I love all your blessings. I feel the same way, especially about the hubby and dinner as a family. I insist that we do dinner all together at the same time just like my family did when I was growing up (and still does today).

Big hug!