This morning Big One and Little One both had check ups. Big One started off the morning a little rough before we left the house. All of his cool underwear were dirty. How could I expect him to go out into public in Elmo underwear? That was so last year. Since his Cars underwear were all in the laundry, we compromised with Diego. When Little One reaches potty training, she's getting only 1 kind of underwear. I never knew it could take so long to pick out a pair of underwear in the morning.

After the rocky start, I prepared myself for mass chaos at the doctor's office. I pictured tantrums and defiance all around. Fortunately, Big One went easy on me. He tried to stall when we arrived, but with a little encouragement, he got out of the van. Good thing too since we were running late and I didn't have time to negotiate. Story of my life!

Our new doctor is awesome. Big One used to go to a busy pediatrician's office that constantly overbooked appointments. Long waits were the name of the game, although we were herded through like cattle. How can the doctor spend such little time with each patient yet be so far behind schedule? I'll never understand.

Here's just one example of the old doctor's stellar customer service. Big One was sick and we were "lucky" to get an appointment with his regular doctor. We had to wait almost 2 hours in the exam room to see the doctor. Two hours after the scheduled time! I get him in faster at the walk in clinic. After an hour of waiting in the exam room, I stuck my head out the door and asked a passing nurse if we were going to see a doctor soon. She acted like I had no right to ask after an hour what was going on. At least they gave me a couple free meal passes to the hospital cafeteria for my trouble. That totally makes up for the stress of entertaining a sick child for two hours in the doctor's office during his normal nap time while pregnant. For some reason, Hubs passed on my offer of a hot date at the hospital cafeteria. He's so picky.

I was hesitant to switch at first because I thought all doctor's offices might be similar. Dr. C proved me wrong. He's young (and attractive... always a bonus!) and has young kids of his own so he's great with Big One and Little One. Today, Little One had to get shots. In an attempt to calm her, I decided to nurse right after the shots. Dr. C came back in to answer a question I forgot to ask earlier. Since I was occupied with Little One, he sat up on the exam table with Big One while he got his finger poked by the nurse. He's so nice. And he actually remembers us from one appointment to the next, unlike our previous doctor's office. Can you tell how much I love our new doctor? Did I mention he's hot? (Of course, Hubs is much hotter.) We will definitely stick with our new doctor.

Moral of the story: don't be afraid to switch doctors if they're falling short of your expectations! I'm so glad we did. There are some doctors out there who actually care and will take time to know their patients.


AnastasiaSpeaks said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the doctor issue. I switched last year and so glad I did. Some of us, especially women, are so afraid of hurting people's feelings or insulting anyone that it takes us a little more effort to break away and find someone that is better suited for our family.

K said...

I am so there on the underwear. My little one will only have plain white. My oldest son is picky about his clothes in general. I guess I thought boys would not be like that about clothes... I was wrong, again!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

It's all Transformers underwear for us. Curses on Mommy if Optimus Prime spends too much time in the laundry...
We had a doctor like that back in MN. Ohhhhhh, he was good looking. But the other plus was knowing each of my kids, and remembering their names. I'm hoping our new doctor will be as great, I haven't had the opportunity to spend much time with her yet. But she's a mommy too, and I think that's so important. But I'll always miss Dr. Bock! (mmmmm. Yummy.) ;-)