I'm Not a Muffin!

Big One and I ventured to the balloon store [he names places by what they sell... Factory Card Outlet = The Balloon Store, McDonalds = The French Fry Store, Papa Murphy's = The Pizza Store, etc]. Next weekend is Big One's third birthday party! How did that happen? We went out for a few supplies and to order the most important part of his celebration... the balloons. The child LOVES balloons. I'm rambling.

As he climbed into his car seat, I noticed remnants of various food items he had consumed throughout the day.

Me: You look like a ragamuffin.
Big One: No, Mommy! You can't eat me!

I love it when my little man misinterprets things we say. It always provides a good laugh. It was fun to spend some one on one time with Big One. It's been a while!

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