And then he said...

The things that come out of the mouth of my 3 year old make me laugh. Here are a few of my favorite moments...

"Hey maybe we can get Lady and the Tramper. I told you we need to get the movie with Tramper and the Lady"...a conversation about which movie we would borrow from the library

"How's your 'puter thing holding Mommy?"...asking about my new laptop stand I got for my birthday

"So how do I look?"...after he gets finished with his bath or gets dressed.

"I promise it will not hurt" he's trying to pull off my toe nail. He picks at his own nails so if I have any length to mine he tries to pick them off. Even if I'm screaming in pain he promises it will not hurt!

"Can we do some crap today?"...he's actually trying to say "crafts" but it comes out "crap"

Daddy: "Big One, are you bipolar?" (asked one of the many times our son goes from one extreme to the other in a matter of seconds)
Big One: "No! I not a polar bear!"

Since we're potty training, my son is obsessed with underwear. Our neighbor came over the other day to chat with my hubby. My son went outside and said, "I'm wearing underwear. Where's your underwear, Tom? Do you wear underwear or a diaper?"

Lately I've been making up stories at bed time. I always try to encourage my son to make up a story with me. His response..."No, I not good at telling stories. I don't know all the pages."