Hot for the Holiday Week 3

Wow! I'm actually a bit surprised I've stuck with this weight loss challenge for so long. Yes, 3 weeks is a long time for me and weight loss. We usually get sick of each other about midway through week 1.

This week I actually displayed... willpower. It was very strange. Almost like an out of body experience. I'm usually quick to jump on the nearest Mountain Dew, chocolate, or opportunity to eat fried food. I'm happy to report I resisted many of those this week. I also drank lots of water.

My weight loss for this week is 1 pound. I had hoped for more but a pound is a pound. The scale is still moving in the right direction. If I actually start doing regular work outs and harness this new found willpower, the scale will continue to be my friend.

This week, Christie challenged us to a photo essay. Without further ado, here we go!

Someone or something that inspires me:

No, I don't have some weird foot fetish. These feet are very special feet belonging to Big One and Little One. Not to be all mushy, but the kiddos are my inspiration for this whole weight loss/getting healthy movement. A few years ago, our friend's dad passed away. It scared me to think we could leave our kids way too early if we didn't get our act together. This time I'm actually going to stick with it so we can be a healthy family!

Something that I love to do

It's tough to tell, but Big One is actually dancing with his beloved duck blankie in this picture. One of my favorite things to do is dance with the kiddos. It's my sneaky way of getting in at least a little exercise. We really get moving and Big One loves me to hold him while I dance which adds 36 pounds of resistance!

Something that makes me crazy:

My son's room! This is a typical scene from his pit. The barn toy box is usually in the middle of the room surrounded by nearly every single toy he owns. I feel a mass cleaning and thinning of the toys coming on!

Something healthy in my life:

My trusty glass of ice water! Not the prettiest picture but you get the point!

Happy Friday!


Honey Mommy said...

Awesome job losing a pound this week! It is amazing what you can accomplish when you decide you really want it!

Dana said...

Great job continuing with the weight loss. I find the third week is the hardest so great job.

AnastasiaSpeaks said...

I LOVE the picture of the feet! I've got to take one of my little ones' feet too.

Contragts on the pound...each one is an accomplishment!

Christie O. said...

yay!! gosh every friday i read everyone's post and it gives me energy and inspiration for the next week. awesome job!! and i love your photos!! (I love love love baby feet pictures!)

Dena said...

Cute pics. The water is a big help when it comes to weight loss, so I'm sure you will get there.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

One pound is GREAT! Love all your pictures :)

Holly said...

Yeah, I hear ya on the '3 weeks is a long time'! Great job finding your will power! That's my hardest task too. :-(

Loved your photos - especially the feet. And dancing, with the kids - coolness!

Jessi said...

Congrats on a pound lost!

You're pics are great. I love my children's feet/toes, too. And I'm definitely there with you on the toys...the "pick up" game is never ending...constant craziness!

Alida said...

I love the photo of the feet!! Great job on the weight loss!!!

ciara said...

great job on losing the pound! every pound counts i say :) my kids are what inspires me, too. i've been trying to visit everyone on the hfh link list this wk. i'll try to stop by again soon. :)

BITR Country Girl said...

Awesome job this week! I can hardly wait to see how everybody does this week! I'm with you on staying motivated and sticking with the challenge....It's been hard for me in the past too but I'm determined so right now nothings going to stop me!