On Tap Tonight

Tonight's specialties on tap at O'Shelley's Pub include Airborne, orange juice, and herbal tea. Pull up a chair, won't you?

Remember the earth shattering cold suffered by Hubs last week? The kids have now fallen victim. Big One started showing signs on Saturday. He complained of a scratchy throat. I thought he was once again reciting a line from his beloved Caillou (don't get me started on that little bald-headed kid). Sunday morning he again made mention of something being wrong with his mouth. I chose to ignore it. Isn't that the advice we always give our kids? Ignore your sister and she'll stop bugging you. Ignore the bully on the playground and he won't steal your lunch money. Guess what? It doesn't work on colds. The watery, puffy eyes and runny nose this morning could not be ignored.

Not to be outdone, Little One started showing signs of puffy eyes and a snotty nose this afternoon. At least she actually napped today. Silver lining.

I will not get sick. I refuse. I won't get sick. No way am I going to battle a cold while trying to wrangle the kiddos all day long. So it's Airborne, oj, and herbal tea for me this week. Send healthy thoughts my way!


Charline said...

Love your blog! The design is great and you're hilarious. It's hard to find a mommy blogger who is also truly a good writer.

Shelley, aka Diaper Bag Diarist said...

Thank you so much! That means so much to me. I love writing but sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who finds the humor in my writing.