What I Learned This Week

Since motherhood is all about learning on the job, I thought I'd share what I learned this week.
  • It's nearly impossible to find a children's non-fiction book about zebras that doesn't show some sort of photo or sketch of a zebra being preyed upon. And by preyed upon I mean half eaten with at least 1 predator happily munching away on a bloody zebra carcass. The first zebra book I picked up yesterday was entirely devoted to zebras as prey. An entire book of zebras being consumed by other animals... in the children's section. Nightmare, anyone?
  • I still have no idea why my dates are populating my post title fields. It's driving me nuts. But apparently not nuts enough to really try to fix.
  • I like doughnuts. There was a time (20 pounds ago) that I could pass by a doughnut without a second though. Now, if you're a doughnut, watch out. I won't tell you how many doughnuts fell prey to my cravings this morning.
  • If your husband finds out about your blog, he'll read it. When you blog about him, he'll act hurt. Secretly he likes the attention. *wink, wink*
  • Even bribing your 3 year old with a new bike won't convince him to poop in the potty.
Esther at The Mommy Diaries does a Sunday Best Posts of the Week. I love the idea so I'm going to borrow it. Hope you don't mind, Esther! I always love discovering new blogs and I think this is a great way to do it. Enjoy!
  • Leaf to Leaf by Amy Lou @ Spontanous Blah: This post is not from this week. Not even this month. But I love it and felt it deserved mention. Amy has had quite a year. I'll leave the details for you to discover if you visit her blog.
  • What Did She Just Say? by Anastasia @ The Gift: You know those awkward social situations when everything is going well and then you say something out of left field? Suddenly everything happens in slow motion and you would do anything if you could rewind time and take back that one thing. I can relate so much to what Anastasia has to say about this!
  • From the Desk Mouth of Josiah by Jessi @ Table for 4: I love reading the funny things that kids say. Jessi shares some great quotes from her 2 year old. I especially like the last one!
  • reflection by Matt at matt, liz and madeline: Please do not go to this blog without a box on tissue. I can't begin to imagine what Matt has gone through this year. The picture in this post is amazing. If you read the background of Matt's story, it's even more powerful. But seriously, tissues are a must if you're going to read much of this blog.
Here's to another week of parental mistakes learning opportunities and lots of newly discovered blog posts!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I don't mind at all, Shelley, thanks for the shout-out! And I've never met a dougnut I didn't like, either--we'd make a good pair!

amy lou. said...

aw. thanks for the plug. i suppose now, though, i'm going to need to blog...

Jolene said...

I like doughnuts too!
p.s. I tagged you over on my blog because I know you need something to keep you busy, right? lol

Christy said...

Man now I am craving boston creme pie donuts from Dunkin...and unfortunately there is a drive thru right by my neighborhood. The zebra book search cracked me up! haha!