Our Christmas House

Last year, we began our Christmas house tradition. Don't call it a gingerbread house. Big One will promptly correct you. Last year's Christmas house was constructed from a kit that was on clearance at Target. This year, I had grand intentions of baking a gingerbread house completely from scratch.

Things don't always turn out as planned. I'm not sure what happened to the first part of December, but do you realize next week is Christmas? I had to ditch my plans of a fairy tale gingerbread Christmas house and again spring for the kit.

I should have picked up a different one. I just had a feeling that some of the pieces would be broken.

I was correct. I may not have baked it myself, but I know a thing or two about icing. We were able to do a quick patch job and get the house constructed in no time.

It's probably a good thing I don't have aspirations to be a structural engineer, construction worker, or anything else involving the structural integrity of buildings. Most of the walls were somewhat straight and there was only a minor gap in the roof. Nothing a big swirly line of frosting can't fix.

Big One had a lot of fun decorating his Christmas house.

Little One was a great foreman on this construction sight. She kept a close eye on all of the construction. Big One only licked the knife a few times. And he may have licked his fingers a few times and then put more candy on the Christmas house. My advice? Pass if he offers you a bite.

He took one last look at the blueprints to make sure the Christmas house was complete.

It passed the final inspection and was ready for photographs.

Hey, Big One. The camera's over here. Little One, what are you reaching for now? I can see you! You're not very sneaky.

Happy Christmas house making to any of the other mamas out there doing their own gingerbread construction!


Christy said...

Oh what a cute tradition, and just adorable photos. Love those little chairs for infants - we have one too!

AnastasiaSpeaks said...

SO cute! :)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I went one step further and got a house that was already assembled. Easy, easy.
Your pictures are great--those two are ADORABLE! Looks like fun!