All I Want for Christmas is...

A ghetto pantry?

Hold on, Santa. I think you misread my letter. I know you're busy at this time of year. And you're probably on a sugar high getting into shape for your Santa costume. I'd be a little confused too if I were surrounded by all of those guys with pointy ears. And talking reindeer must really trip you out.

But a pantry?

It seems a few months ago I mentioned to my loving Hubs that we should get some sort of cheap freestanding cupboard to put in the dining room area (which is part of the kitchen) as a pantry of sorts. He thought it was a good idea but we didn't pursue it.

Until yesterday.

Hubs went to the home improvement store. Alone. Dangerous. That's how we acquired 85% of the tools in the garage that now rest idly, hoping to once again be called to duty. (I'm not complaining. Hubs is actually very handy around the house. I'm just saying... not sure all of the tools were a necessity.)

He called me excitedly blabbering about some cupboard he found. The kids both needed me so I told him we'd talk about it later.

When he got home, this is what he said:

"It's your Christmas gift but I'll go ahead and tell you. I found this really nice cupboard that we can use as that pantry over there."

Blank stare.

"I'm getting a ghetto pantry for Christmas? You can't even make me a nice built-in pantry? I get a ghetto pantry as my Christmas gift?"

"But that's what you wanted."

"I wanted it for Christmas? I don't remember that. I remember saying it might be a nice addition to the kitchen. Never did I suggest it as a Christmas gift."

Hubs always puts words in my mouth like that. Last year we had discussed that we could use some new pans. So when his dad asked for gift suggestions, he told him that I wanted pans and he wanted Guitar Hero. What?

Yes, please, give me pans. So I can fulfill my wifely duty and cook. While my husband sits on his butt. And plays video games. That's always been my Christmas wish. Hey, why not throw in a new iron while you're at it? (Incidentally, Esther over at The Mommy Diaries has a great relevant video on her blog!)

Just for the record, I'm not really as selfish as I come across here. All of my responses to Hubs were done in a more joking way. But really, we can get the pantry, but can we not call it a Christmas gift? Love you, Hubs! Pantry and all.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I think that's a man thing. Makes it easier on them. Who'd want to put thought into Christmas gifts?????? One year Dan had me walk through Target, pick stuff out, then he wrapped it and put it under the tree. Now we've started buying things and saying "Look honey, you bought me Packer tickets for Christmas!" (I went today with Ethan...) Thanks again for the link!

Carter Family said...

funny! I always leave your blog laughing.

Jessi said...

All I could do was laugh...sorry. :-(

I especially loved your story about the pans.

I have ended up with quite a few things that I wanted but didn't really want, if you know what I mean. Why must we SPELL it out?