I Need to Scratch it Like a What?

Big One: Hey, Mommy. You just need to scratch it like a DJ.

Me: [Pause] Did you just say I need to scratch it like a DJ?

Big One: Yeah, Mommy. You need to scratch it like a DJ. Like this. nuh-nuh [slides his finger back and forth on his headboard]

Me: Like this? [doing my best "scratching it like a DJ impression"]

Big One: That's how you DON'T scratch it like a DJ.

Me: That's not right?

Big One: No! You go like this. nuh-nuh.

Me: Like this? nuh-nuh. [Imitating his finger sliding on the headboard.]

Big One: Yeah! Now jump up and down like a DJ.

Me: Uh, I'll break your bed if I jump up and down like a DJ.

Big One: Oh, ok. Well scratch it like this like a DJ. [scratches his nostril]

Me: DJs scratch their noses?

Big One: Yeah.

Me: I'll pass.

He says he learned this from Ooh and Aah on Playhouse Disney. Who says TV can't be educational?


AnastasiaSpeaks said...

The two monkeys? I've seen them do the DJ thing but I don't remember them using the words scratch it like a DJ...that's funny!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

You think you know them, and then they come to you with something like that. Like the day Zachie said, "Dude. Awesome." Whaaat?

Jolene said...

Ha ha...those monkeys crack me up. Every time they come out I tell my daughter that one of them is her and the other is her little brother..LOL