Really, Target?

Swimsuits in December? Really, Target. I understand your need to get a jump on the next season and all. But swimsuits in December?

I love you, Target. I really do. I'll sing the praises of your $1 section until the day that I die. What a perfect way for all of us desperate loving moms to bribe reward our children. How else could I possibly make it through your aisles with my two screaming children with any ounce of sanity left?

I can forgive your Christmas displays two weeks before Halloween. I'm assuming your selection of Valentines and Easter paraphernalia will soon push the Christmas decorations aside. I can live with that. But swimsuits in December may cross the line.

By getting a jump on the season, you may actually alienate the moms who so loyally cross your threshold. I know I'm not the only mom who loves the winter months simply because I can hide my extra weight behind bulky sweaters and winter coats. Another glass of eggnog? Sure. I've got some spare room under this sweater. I better have another Christmas cookie to go along with it. I have months before I have to think about wearing short sleeves again. It would be rude not to sample all of the goodies that everyone loves to share at this time of year.

Except now when I walk into Target, I get a reminder of all those winter pounds I must shed. You haven't even given us the chance to make our New Year's Resolution to lose 20 pounds by May (which will be broken by mid January). Are the swimsuits meant to be a motivator? Because it's not working for me. In fact, it's almost enough to send me to the bathroom in tears.

Or reach for another Christmas cookie.


Jessi said...

LOVE it! I can't believe that bathing suits have made their way to the racks already. I'm with you, what a more perfect way of reminding us that we need to keep track of how many Christmas cookies we enjoy during the next couple of weeks! *sigh, oh how I enjoy a good Christmas cookie*

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

And now I'm getting up to get some egg nog.
Swimsuits? Bah! Let them come here in -400 below wind chill and wear their swimsuits!

Christy said...

That is so funny because I had a completely different take on this - I love to swim and I think they should sell swimsuits year round! haha! I do love my bulky sweaters nowadays, but I also love indoor pools and always hope for one when I have to travel.

Now I'm off to eat another cookie. :-)

Lucky Me! said...

That is so funny. I saw the swimsuits when I was there the other day to buy snow pants for my son and thought the same thing :)

sandy said...

So, so painfully true. With all the cookies I have been consuming lately, I'll be lucky to fit in a swimsuit by August.