Jesus, Santa, and the Easter Bunny

It seems that this time of year is a bit difficult for a 3 year old to understand. This is what Big One knows about Christmas.

Santa is going to bring him presents, as long as he's good and stays on the "nice" list. If anything is missing, Santa apparently took it way, way, way up in the air, since his sleigh can fly and all. Santa took our cat, Hunter, way, way, way up to Heaven this summer. The Easter Bunny will also be visiting this holiday season to hide eggs in the Christmas tree. Oh, and by the way, did you know we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas? Jesus wants a Cars birthday party. We're going to recycle the Cars sign from Big One's party. Jesus won't mind sharing. We need to go to the store to get red and black frosting for Jesus' Cars cake. Big One would like to go to Jesus' house for his birthday party. But Big One is not going to talk at the party. He's only going to sit and play with his Planet Heroes. He did have one question when we discussed the birth of Jesus. Were the angels the pretty kind?


Minxy Mimi said...

What is in a 3 yr olds mind is always so amazing! I hope Jesus likes the Cars B-Day!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Wow. I had no idea! At our house, Jesus is going to have the transformers at his party. Hope Big One doesn't mind!

Dee Light said...

3 year olds are so funny. I wish our 3 year old thougt that our dog went with the easter bunny up in the air. I made the mistake of telling our 3 year old that our dog went to live with Jesus (I know bad idea) He kept asking for the longest time "when Jesus is going to send him back".

Jesus is going to love His cars party!! Don't you know He really does love it when little ones want to celebrate his birth.