This Week's Lessons & Top Posts

This week I learned...
  • If your doctor prescribes medication for your underactive thyroid, you should take it. Going 4 months without it because you're too lazy to go for your yearly blood draw? Not recommended. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow.
  • After giving your 6 month old a biter biscuit, you should wipe off the goo immediately. That stuff dries very quickly and isn't easy to remove.
  • Killer whales eat seals. I suppose I may have learned this at some point. But I relearned it in our latest library book. At least it was just a drawing and not an actual photo. And at least I was a little airy and thought it was a fish. So when I said, "Hey look, Big One. That killer whale is throwing a fish in the air to eat it" I was relieved that Big One didn't realize like I did that it wasn't actually a fish but a seal. And he also didn't notice the red blood trail in the water on another whale-eating-a-seal illustration. Did we really need the red blood trail in the water? That seems a little gruesome for a children's book. We're sticking to fiction on our next trip to the library.
  • My dog is able to locate a patch of mud even if the entire yard appears to be covered in snow. I hate muddy dog prints on the floor. (I already knew that last part.)
  • Some days when your 3 year old is acting especially naughty, not even lunch out with friends will help. Sometimes it takes an emotional breakdown full of tears and snot under the covers of your bed (sorry I used your side of the bed, Hubs). If you're lucky, the same 3 year old who sent you spiraling off the edge of the proverbial cliff will give you a big hug, tell you he's sorry for making you sad, and melt your heart. And then you can go back to being Mommy again.
  • If you stop sitting around on your butt thinking, "I would really like to pursue _____" and actually take steps toward pursuing your super secret life dreams, things will start happening. You may even smack yourself on the head and say, "Why didn't I start actually doing something about it sooner?"
And now for my recommendations if you have some spare time...
  • lost lyrics by Amy Lou @ Spontaneous Blah: Amy is back at it! After a bit of a blog hiatus, she shared a piece of writing she discovered this week. I love this post because it reminds me that I need to write as soon as inspiration strikes (unless I'm driving down the road... unfortunately, that's when most of my inspiration strikes). I always think I'll remember my little inspirations, things that the kids said or did, the kid's firsts. Of course I don't and they're lost forever.
  • The Real Field Trip by Vodka Mom: This mom is seriously funny. I just discovered this blog this week. She is a kindergarten teacher so I'm sure all of the teachers out there can relate. It was tough to pick just one of her posts but this one is quite humorous. She's Gonna Blow is worth a read too.
  • Peppermint Marshmallow Recipe @ Little Birdie Secrets: I love this blog. They have so many cute ideas. Big One is obsessed with marshmallows of all varieties so I think this may be one of our projects this week. I've never made my own marshmallows so this could be interesting. I do make a lot of homemade candy at this time of year though. We'll see how it turns out!
You can find more top posts of the week at the Mommy Diaries. Enjoy!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Hey! Thanks for the link, friend! I enjoy your lessons each week. Sorry you had a tough 3 year old day--I've been there before!

Christy said...

Oh that is so funny - and my dog is the same way - no matter how nice it looks outside (for we haven't had snow yet - but have lots of sunny days!) he manages to come in with disgusting paws. Oh well - the price we pay for the love of animals. :-) Love the favorite posts part too!