Plight of a Potty Training Mama

My house smells like poop. Toddler poop. Toddler poop from a very stubborn toddler that refuses to poop in the toilet. He has no problems peeing there (when he remembers). It's just the pooping that's become a problem. Some days he'll save it until I put on his diaper at nap time. Holding poop for that long can't be healthy or comfortable. Most days, though, he squats wherever he is and poops right in his underwear. Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've cleaned a toddler size pile of poo out of a pair of underwear. Every day. At least once a day.

This morning I knew he had to "do the deed" so I tried everything to get him to use the potty. I tried to help him squat carefully over the toilet since that's his usual position. I told him his friends on his underwear didn't want poop on them. I even told him the toilet wanted to eat his poop so we had to feed it (disgusting yes and not effective either). He wasn't buying what I was selling. No way was he pooping in the toilet. Five minutes later he had the big poop bulge in the back of his underwear. Nice, Buddy.

As I pulled down his "Queenie" and Mater underwear (from the Cars movie for those of you who haven't been tortured by it yet!), he saw his handy work. It was his last clean pair of Cars underwear. The first thing out of his mouth was "Aww, dammit!" For the record, he claims he learned that word from Daddy and Grandpa. So I take no responsibility. Even though it may have slipped from my mouth once or twice. Or three times. But who's counting?

After using a massive amount of baby wipes, he was finally clean. My house still smells like poop. Anyone want to come over for coffee?

Dedicated to my good friend Tara and all the other potty training mamas out there. :)

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Oh, thank you. Another mommy feels like I do. Have you seen this post on my blog?
Zach's gone on the potty since a couple of times, but it's still a struggle. Just wanted to let you know there's others out there suffering through toddler poop!