These Are a Few of My Favorite Things....

I don't have long before the little ones get fired up but I wanted to post something for your reading pleasure. A few things I love (besides my kids and husband of course!)...

-Cinnamon Vanilla Nut cappachino (my little treat to myself each morning... helps me get my butt out of bed many mornings)
-baby smiles, especially as they drift off to sleep
-toddler interpretations of the world
-cozy sweaters (can't wait for fall!)
-being the first person up in the morning... there's something peaceful about knowing everyone is cozy, happy, and not screaming :-)
-the smell of fresh baked bread (yes I make my own homemade bread)
-decorating cakes/baking in general
-cleaning.... it gives me great satisfaction to see the results.... at least for the few minutes it lasts around here
-bargain shopping (try it... it's addicting!)
-live music (get to see the Nadas tomorrow night at the State Fair!)
-dancing with my kids (dancing while holding a 36 pound 3 year old is a great workout... so why doesn't my butt fit into my jeans?!?!?!)
-cloth diapering my daughter
-watching my kids sleep at night

There are many more but I'm off to see what adventures today holds!

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