After reading a post on Cafemom today, I decided to inventory my pantry, freezer, and refrigerator. Apparently my goals were too lofty as I only finished the pantry. But I'm flabbergasted (what a fun word!) by the amount of food in our pantry right now. Yet if you asked me I'd tell you we don't have many meal options on hand (it's been a while since I've shopped for groceries). I'm going to see how many meals I can create with only the things we have on hand. Boy my hubby is not going to like the menu this week! He's a picky eater for those of you who have never met him. Cindy's Porch actually has inventory sheets along with other helpful tips to save money. I have yet to find the time to delve into the wealth of useful information on her site but it looks fun. I apologize for the lame nature of this post. My guilt for neglecting diaper bag diary compelled me to post something.

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Andrea said...

That's always my problem too--picky eaters. Even when I think I can whip something up with what's on hand I know no one will eat it and I'd be stuck with leftovers.