wag more bark less

Shopping with a toddler and a 3 month old comes with its own set of challenges. I swore before my daughter was born I would never take the two of them shopping alone. Now that she's here, you can find the 3 of us wandering the aisles of Target on a regular basis.

Today we ventured out to the craft store (or the "crap" store as my 3 year old pronounces it) while Daddy helped a friend move. As we drove to the second craft store of the day (just my luck the first one didn't have everything I wanted), I saw a bumper sticker that caught my attention. "wag more bark less". I'm not a huge dog person, but it hit me that I too often bark rather than wag.

My husband will be the first to tell me that once I start barking, more things will go wrong, giving me more to bark about. (He wouldn't actually call it barking but you get the point.) I know he's correct yet I still let my "bark" take over. Starting today my motto is "wag more bark less". I'll try it on for size. Wish me luck in my new bark free lifestyle. :-)

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