Did I Shower Today?

While my 241 pictures were downloading from my camera’s memory stick, I found myself wondering if I had taken a shower today. I never imagined I would get to a point where showers became optional, a luxury even. With all of the dirty diapers and spit up I’m working with these days one would think showers would become more important than ever. Then again, when the only people one sees all day long are the babies who produced the bodily fluids in which one is covered, why bother? Don’t worry. If guests give me at least 10 minutes warning I’ll shower the “mommy grime” away before company arrives!


Andrea said...

Lol! I just was reading up on all the entries I missed and I remember this phase all too well! Showers without any disturbance are my new luxury. But don't worry smelling like a little baby spit up isn't actually that bad.

Jolene said...

LOL This is too funny. A couple times, I've gotten halfway through the morning and then I can't remember if I brushed my teeth or not! I think I probably did, but I just couldn't remember because I had been so busy! LOL