Glittery Weekly Recap & Top Posts

A few of the parenting lessons I learned this week...
  • When you shake the bottle of taco sauce, be sure you haven't already loosened the lid. This is particularly important if you plan to turn the bottle sideways or upside down to shake it.
  • If you insist on shaking the taco sauce with reckless abandon, storing the car seat, baby's coat, and diaper bag right next to the counter in the kitchen is not a good idea. It may result in a diaper bag full of taco sauce.
  • When attempting a project involving glitter with a 3 year old, having a few drinks ahead of time is advised. That way you won't want to cry when this happens...
(the photo doesn't really do it justice... we had one heck of a glittery mess)
  • Never breathe a sigh of relief when you open a bottle of glitter and find that it does indeed have a convenient shaker lid with little holes. Chances are, when your 3 year old shakes it violently to get the glitter to come out faster, that little snap on lid won't hold up. (see above picture)
  • Placing a pan under your glitter project is a good idea. Just don't use a good pan. And don't expect any future baked goods to be without an extra sparkle.
  • Unless you're looking to start a new fashion trend, it's best to move your shoes away from the vicinity of the glitter explosion before attempting to clean it up.
  • It's impossible to clean up every trace of glitter. It's probably best not to roll out the dough for stromboli on the same counter where the glittery explosion occurred. Unless red glitter is your preferred stromboli seasoning.
In all of your spare time, these blogs are worthy of a visit.

No Spill Paint Cup @ Her Cup Overfloweth: I love this idea. Big One loves painting so we may have to try this idea for keeping the paint contained.

So Weird @ The Little Things in Life: Jolene is the authority on "dumb pandas" according to Google. Why in the world is anyone googling that anyway? Jolene is very funny and this post will give you a laugh.

This Happens to Us in the Winter... @ The Mommy Diaries: This is a hilarious Muppets clip and so true. This is us this weekend since we're snowed in! Anyone who lives in the Midwest or other snowy climates will appreciate this.

My Mother's Daughter @ Musings of a Barefoot Foodie: I can relate to many aspects of this post, particulary the dull razor blade, hiding the loofah, and the transformation. Very funny post.

Free Suze Orman Ebook @ "Deal"icious Mom: This post includes a link to Oprah's website where you can download a Suze Orman ebook for free.

Ooblek @ Lucky Me: This is a fun activity to do with the kiddos. This stuff is very cool. I made it several years ago when I ran an after school program and the kids loved it. After our glitter explosion this week, I think I need a break from messy activities so we may hold off on this one!


Jolene said...

I've had a rough week myself, so your parenting lessons for this week made me laugh.

p.s. Thanks for the link.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Lol. Those are great lessons! Thanks for the link. That's probably my all-time favorite Muppet clip!

fransmomma said...

at the risk of being completely inappropriate, since you dont even know me, a friend of mine, whos an art teacher says, "glitter is the herpes of art supplies; you can't get rid of it, and it spreads everywhere!!!"