More of Me

Since I have you under my spell and you surely crave more of my genius writing, I wanted to share with you my latest endeavor. I have so much free time these days with a 3 year old and a 6 month old, that I started writing for a website called Busy Mommy. I am the Mommy Time Topic Editor. I only have a few articles up so far but more will be coming soon. You know, between all the diaper changes, temper tantrums, and holiday activities.

The Busy Christmas Giveaway is going on right now so check it out. Currently, there are giveaways for a Radio Flyer Turbo Turtle Ride On Toy and a Crazy Forts Construction toy. There are several more giveaways that will be added, including a personalized blankie, a Jawbone Handsfree Headset, Pediped Shoes, and lots more. Don't forget to register on Busy Mommy before you enter the giveaway. No, I'm not paid to pimp the contest. :-) I just wanted to share the chance to win some prizes right before the holidays. Happy Monday!


AnastasiaSpeaks said...

How cool is that? Good for you. I'll go check it out!

Jolene said...

Very Cool!

Jessi said...

Congratulations on the new "gig"! Thanks for sharing the contest love....I'm heading right over to check it out.