Black Friday (Or Not)

Black Friday shopping is crazy. Who in their right mind would go shopping at 4am? I'm unwilling to sacrifice sleep just to save a few bucks.

I am seriously addicted to bargain shopping, but honestly, the Black Friday "deals" don't excite me that much. First of all, I HATE crowds. I like my personal space. I like aisles free of clutter, carts, and sweaty people who have been shopping all day. I don't want to wrestle another Black Friday-crazed mom for the last of whatever great deal is left on the shelf. And I loathe waiting in line for more than 5 minutes. So I never partake in the Black Friday festivities.

Honestly, I can find a lot better deals shopping the clearance racks at Target throughout the year. Their clearance eventually gets to 75% off and that's a REAL deal. These days, even 50% off doesn't excite me. I'll wait until it goes to 75% off unless it's something I *really* want. Otherwise, I'll take my chances on losing it.

Despite my extreme dislike for Black Friday shopping, we decided to head out of the house yesterday at 4pm. We figured that most of the bargain shoppers were done for the day. Plus, I really only wanted to go to Michael's and Hobby Lobby so I could get the supplies I need to start making Christmas gifts. Apparently, everyone else had the same idea.

Hubs and Big One stayed in the car at Michael's. I lugged Little One in the store with me. The fact that there were only 4 carts left at the front of the store should have been my first clue to turn tail and run back to the car. Still, I forged ahead, determined to get through my list.

Until I saw the checkout lines. They stretched halfway to the back of the store. Did everyone head to Michael's after their long day of shopping at the malls, toy stores, and Walmart? Why in the world was it so busy at 4pm? I just wanted a few craft supplies, people! But I couldn't do it. I couldn't entertain Little One for who knows how long in line. I promptly returned my cart for some other poor sucker to use and headed back to the van. We didn't even try Hobby Lobby. I'm not sure I want to brave the crowds today either. I have a feeling I should have made the trip a few weeks ago if I didn't want to battle the Christmas crowds.

I did send Hubs into Toys R Us to buy a doctor's kit for Big One. He always wants me to pretend to be a doctor when he gets hurt so I thought it would be a perfect little gift for him. Hubs called me from inside the store.

"It's all pink. Is that ok?"

I was shocked. Was this the same Hubs who, 2 years ago, didn't want Big One to have a doll, even though he was dressed in all blue? Now he was willing to buy him a doctor's kit that was pink. My how things change! They were all out of the blue ones so it was pink or nothing.

Since Big One has been asking for Tinkerbell for Christmas and seems completely comfortable playing with "girl toys", I had a feeling he wouldn't even notice the bag was pink, nor mind if he did happen to notice. I didn't care and if Hubs was on board, it was a go. So Big One will find a shiny pink doctor's kit under the tree this year. It will probably be one of his favorite items.

We also headed to Target for a few groceries. But that was the sum of our Black Friday shopping. And I don't feel like I missed out. I'd much rather shop the clearance section of Target throughout the year and get 75% off things than battle 5 million people on Black Friday to save a few bucks. Did anyone else brave the Black Friday crowds?


Jolene said...

I hear ya about the crowds on Black Friday. Did you hear about that poor man in NY? And here in CA there was a shooting at a Toys r Us parking lot too. That is crazy. I hope Big One likes his dr. kit. He can share it with Little One since it's pink!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

No, no, no. Not me, no thanks. I stay at home and decorate on Black Friday. Ethan and I braved Wal-Mart today to go grocery shopping. It was crazy, but not as bad as it must have been yesterday!