Gravy, Snowflakes, and Pumpkin Nog Goodness

What a combination, huh? I don't recommend these 3 things all together. But individually they can be quite good.

Snowflakes have been flying this weekend. To Big One's delight, the snow is actually sticking. This morning, Hubs and Big One made a trip to Target for snow pants, boots and "hand glubs" (gloves). On their great shopping adventure, Hubs and Big One picked up some Pumpkin Nog. It was like liquid pumpkin pie. That actually sounds kind of gross but it was really yummy. I highly recommend picking up a carton.

Big One was able to get in some fun time in the snow with Hubs this afternoon. He was very pleased until we pulled the plug on the fun and made him come inside. We're so mean!

Hubs suggested we celebrate Thanksgiving: The Sequel today. Since Little One demanded so much attention (and refused to nap) on Thursday, I was all for a more relaxing version of the holiday. I cooked my first turkey ever and it turned out surprisingly well. I also made gravy for the first time ever. Guess what? No lumps! I was excited. We bought the smallest turkey we could find but we still have plenty left. Feel free to share any leftover turkey dish recipes!

The kids were a bit crabby today. Hubs and I snapped at each other a few times. But I am truly one blessed mama. I hope you have all enjoyed Thanksgiving, however you celebrated!


Jolene said...

Snow, how fun!
I like your new template layout.

(p.s. my major is English - Literature & Language)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Congrats on the turkey and gravy! I made my gravy from the packets in my turkey--I rarely make it from scratch, so way to go! Ethan was pumped to go to school in his snow pants today!
BTW, sorry about the game last night. I was actually cheering for da Bears, just because I dislike the Vikings that much!

Dee Light said...

What wonderful snow!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I've never tried it before, but I've seen a recipe for Shepherds Pie using left over Thanksgiving goodies. I think it was on Martha Stewart's web sight.

Minxy Mimi said...

What lovely looking snow!!!
I am always envious of snow pics! Pumpkin nog sounds tolerable...hahaha