Cake in a Cup

Due to my yucky sickness at the beginning of the week, I haven't done many activities with Big One. So today, we did one of his favorite things. We baked! Except we used the microwave. That was a first for me. I'm not big on using the microwave for much of anything, honestly. But, as I was bouncing from blog to blog last night, I came across this cake in a cup idea at Her Cup Overfloweth. Since I've been craving chocolate for a few days, I knew we had to try it out today.

Usually when we bake, I hand Big One a measuring cup or spoon full of whatever ingredient is next. This time, I decided to let him do the scooping and measuring. He did a darn good job (with the help of his new Planet Hero)!

I like this baking project because he can have his own little cup. He has more ownership over the whole process.

Here were our little cakes in a cup just begging to be baked... the microwave. It was a little odd to me because I'm a baker. I bake a lot. In the oven. But they sell the dessert mixes that you just microwave, right? So why not?

After 3 minutes of spinning in waves of radiation (sounds healthy, huh? that's why I'm not big on using the microwave. Hubs will say I'm crazy. And he's probably right), this was the result.

Big One was hesitant to take a bite because he thought it was too hot. Eventually, he gave it a try and gave it the big thumbs up. I like the idea of him just digging the cake out of the cup with a spoon. It was less messy than a piece of cake on a plate, at least for a 3 year old!

I remember a friend of mine talking about something similar using a cake mix instead of making it from scratch like the recipe we used today. It would actually make a great (cheap) Christmas gift idea in a cute mug. I found one here that uses a cake mix. I think we'll try that one next time since we're usually a cake mix family anyway!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I used to be the crafts person at MOPS in MN, and we did that one year for teacher gifts. But I have yet to try it for myself. Looks yummy! (We have Planet Heroes at our house too, Zachie is jonesing for the "Red Giant" for Christmas!)

Jolene said...

Thanks for the link to the recipe. I think my daughter would love to make this.

Michelle Sybert said...

thanks for the mention about the Minute Choclate Mug Cake. I have wanted to try the cake mix version as well! maybe it wouldn't be so dense??

Jessi said...

Sounded/looked like fun...I'll have to give it a try with Josiah. I *think* I may have heard of doing this before...but what a neat idea...although using the microwave weirds me out, too (one oven user to another). ;-)

Lucky Me! said...

We have made this cake recipe before as well and when my son (he is 5)took his first bite, I asked how it was and looked at me sideways and he replied, "it's chocolate cake." If he had the sarcastic wit his mom had, he would have really said "duh, you can't go wrong with chocolate cake. I can't believe you asked" :)

It was pretty good!