Barbasol... Not Just for Grandpa's Beard

I have vague memories of my dad using Barbasol shaving cream. Does anyone still use that stuff? It reminds me of dads and grandpas. We, however, found a more exciting use for this can of Barbasol. (Perhaps I should have used it to shave my hairy legs, you know, since it's summer and all.)

This summer has been basically craft free. Out of guilt and boredom I decided to pick up a recent issue of Family Fun. I LOVE this magazine and the Family Fun website, by the way. I highly recommend it for activity suggestions. It's always full of fun activities that are easy to execute. Just my style! After a quick trip to Walmart, we were set for our shaving cream craft project.

Everything about this craft project screams fun. First, you get to cover a baking sheet with shaving cream. Big One exclaimed, "I never knew shaving cream could be so much fun!" How often do you get to squirt shaving cream haphazardly?

The next step involves placing drops of liquid food coloring on top of the shaving cream. Big One struggled with the urge to squeeze the entire bottle of food coloring on top of the cream. Ultimately, he conquered the urge and placed a few large drops on the cream.

Next, a craft stick is used to swirl the food coloring in fun patterns.

Place a piece of card stock on top of the shaving cream, pressing gently. Or, if you're 3, go ahead and shove that piece of paper down as hard as you can.

After lifting the paper out of the shaving cream, scrape the excess off with a craft stick or other flat edged implement.

The result? Some fun patterns on the paper which can be used for other crafts.

Of course, when the craft is done, it's fun to squish around in the shaving cream. Be prepared for colorful hands even after the shaving cream is washed away! Big One still has blue hands. With the exception of the skin tinting, this craft was very easy to clean up.

Little One didn't get to join in on the fun. I'm such a mean mommy! (Or I just wanted to avoid a trip to the ER for excessive shaving cream consumption by my 1 year old.) Either way, she entertained herself with a book and some toys.


Jessi said...

Thanks for both the idea and resource.....I think Josiah gets bored because Mommy doesn't want to make a mess. But it looks easy do and clean up. *wink*

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

LOL. Still laughing over the blue hands! Didn't your dining room smell delicious after you did this?
I love Family Fun! I want to make the bubble-foam blower--did you see that one?

Mindy said...

That looked like good messy fun! I LOVE shaving cream. My boys would make a HUGE mess if we did this ;) Thanks for visiting my Blog today!

Kelly said...

Good post look forward to reading more

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

My kids would love that craft. I bet the dog would also love the streaks of shaving cream that would be lovingly applied to her fur. ;) Thanks so much for the visit today. :)

Christie O. said...

I love this!!! I always mean to do this and I never do!!! Now i'm going to! anyway, YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY! HOORAY! The elf! so head over to the website, pick out your elf and email me your address asap!! :)